Saturday, January 31, 2009

cool vs. practical

As I am learning all sorts of new things in my LME Certification classes I find myself filtering out information and ideas that wouldn't be applicable for my students, and I wonder if that's such a wise idea. I teach K-4th grade, so many very cool ideas are not practical for lower elementary. Podcasts, for example. I know how to teach them, my school has the technology, but when I did an informal survey of my students, none of them had ever heard of a podcast. So I wonder, is it really worth it? Probably not. Most of my students are still learning internet and Word basics, so as cool as a Podcast lesson would be, I feel their VERY limited class time would be better used on more practical lessons.

I have some coworkers who really want to start some VERY cool things at our school, like a TV studio where we can broadcast morning announcements. Now don't get me wrong, I love the idea, but with the time I have in class with them, they have about 1/2 hour a week to get their actual tech lessons. I have to prioritize. But I also have to appease my coworkers. I think it's a balance I'll always have to struggle to find.

Monday, January 12, 2009

ooh a blog! the beginning

Hi, I'm really starting this blog to make life without a laptop** easier. I'm taking online classes through Minnesota State University, Mankato, working full time as a library media specialist in North Minneapolis, am a busy mama of two (Eli is three, Lola is 6 months) and quite honestly I've found that keeping all my documents web-based is just plain easier. So since my Information Resources teacher made blogging a reflection option, I though why not!

(**when I reach tenure through Mpls next year I get either $1000 or a computer. If I had a laptop then I could keep all my nice documents in one place at work or at home, but since I don't, I'm resorting to the web. However my dear husband hinted that a laptop might be a good investment with his yearly bonus money. . . yes there are still places that actually give bonuses. Weird, I know.)