Sunday, January 24, 2010


Now, I've always known that I have strong opinions, that I have a hard time not sharing and defending, however when it comes to my opinions on my own profession and on my daily routine (otherwise known as reflections) I have been oddly outwardly silent. But all of the sudden I have a post-it with a list of blog topics and reflections, and I actually find myself scripting posts throughout my day. 

And of course I have an opinion why.

This is my third year as a school librarian.* My first year, I was sick and pregnant and rather shell-shocked by the career switch to school librarian from 7th grade math teacher. My second year I was overwhelmed by having 2 kids, switching to a school with a longer job description, and starting the Library Media Education certification progress through MN State University, Mankato. So now it's my third year. I'm still sick a lot, I still have two kids, I work more than I did last year, and I'm just entering my fifth-straight quarter and internship at MNSU. I've learned a few things about my profession and myself in the last three years. I'll spare you all but the most important; I love my job. 

If I wasn't a teacher, I couldn't bear to leave my kids with their grandma during the week. No, that's not true. I didn't feel that way when I was a math teacher. If I didn't have the pleasure of working in a school Media Center, I couldn't bear to leave my kids during the week, nor could I push myself to finish my LME certification. I enjoy my classes because I enjoy the topics. I enjoy my long list of job responsibilities because I enjoy the tasks (and, no, my principal isn't reading this). And although I did have a few shirts sporting the irrational number Pi, never before would I have loved to have my profession advertised so much to be drooling over the merchandise on this website.

I'm quite smugly proud to be a librarian, and I'm finally growing into the librarian mantle. 

*note: school librarian vs. library media specialist is a topic listed on said post-it note

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