Monday, May 3, 2010

the end is nigh

I just completed my online portfolio, ready to go, summarizing my internship experience.  I'm going to wait until tomorrow night to send it in, in case there are any glaring mistakes, because as the true 21st century citizen that I am, I posted it on Facebook and e-mailed it to the staff at my school in an attempt that maybe one or two of them would take a chance to see what I've been spending all my time doing lately 

OR (eve better) they'd think eFolio is pretty cool and they might want to use it some day. Lucky for them I now know how, which was the whole point of using it for my portfolio in the first place; I learned it well enough to teach it if I want to. Because it is pretty cool. I like being able to keep all my documents online. They feel safer that way.

Oh. Here it is, just in case you were interested:  Carly's eFolio

Crazy day, though. I took a half day off, in order to get this whole thing together.  I realized I had made a mistake by not getting my supervising media specialists to sign the checklist, so I had to take a trip back to both sites to get them signed. Kind of funny being back, just for a visit. I still felt right at home in both places.

But maybe it was just all the books. 

currently reading: The Wizard of Oz series on my Sony Reader. They're fantastic! So much better than the movie. I also have about a bazillion books on my "need to read" list, fortunately for me I'm nearing the end of my certification program, which means I'll soon be able to read without guilt. Woot!

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