Thursday, February 25, 2010

Elementary Internship: Day 8

(64 hours down, 56 to go)

I've been worried about this day for 2 weeks now. And it was nearly flawless. 

2nd Grade: Good
Kindergarten: Good 
1st Grade: Good

lunch time/prep time: spent setting up the projector for our assembly, doing a few last-minute touch ups of the power point (we were projecting the song lyrics to be sung on the Big Screen), training a coworker on how to progress the power point, tracking down a tripod, setting up the video camera in a good location to tape, discovering the batteries were all dead, miraculously found the correct cord so that I could plug it in (and it was long enough to reach an outlet in the gym. Oh, I ate some cold pizza, too. 

3rd Grade: Good

This afternoon we had a Pennies for Peace all-school assembly during 6th hour. I've been worried about it for nearly two weeks. I was very interested to see how I was going to monitor my 4th graders, tape the performance, and run a powerpoint at the same time.  

Thankfully the music teacher got a coworker to run the power point, and another coworker stepped in to watch the 4th graders so that I could tape the performance.  No doubt it is an award winner. I just hope it didn't pick up my whispered lecture to the renegade five year old stationed near my feet.

But really, it was very cool to see how many pennies have been raised by our students. We sang some songs (I have We Shall Overcome stuck in my head, which is a nice alternative to the school song which always gets stuck in my head after assemblies), the third graders sang some songs, and all the classes sent up a student with their container of pennies to empty into the big community bin. LOTS of pennies. 

So two things came out of today. I brought it to the principal's attention that assemblies that require tech support should really take place on days that our building's part-time tech is here (she agreed), and it always works out in the end. Even if it doesn't all work out in the end, sometimes being a professional teacher means pretending that it was supposed to be that way in the first place. 

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