Monday, February 15, 2010

today's tech thought*

Part of my job (I think) is being aware of new technology, deciding if its worthwhile, and passing on that information. Within the last 10 minutes I have made two technology discoveries.

While attempting to read Book Thief on my Sony Reader while at the same time eating peanuts (after de-shelling them) during the commercials of a Project Runway rerun I observed that:

1) A designer on Project Runway was using a digital sketchpad, which just seems much more efficient than pencil/paper (think: designer can save, zoom, upload, and modify designs much more easily)

2) Digital readers allow for hands-free reading. If you are not a bookworm like me, you might wonder at the need for hands-free reading, and exhibit A would be the countless books on my bookshelf that have bright orange Cheeto fingerprints on the pages. Snacking and good books go hand in hands-free hand. 

*if modern marketing can destroy the English language by allowing companies to be named Krispy Kreme, Qwest, and anything Korner, then I stand by my right to abuse capitalization protocol in the title of this post.

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