Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Elementary Internship: Day 11

(88 hours down, 32 to go)

Today was almost exactly the same as yesterday. Nothing out of the ordinary. My classes seemed to have pulled themselves out of the "President's Day Funk" as I like to call it. Behavior has not been interfering as much with lessons,which is nice.  And I'm getting good student survey feedback from my 3rd & 4th graders.

I instituted Website Wednesday. I am hoping to share with staff a new website that might help them every Wednesday. Today I shared PsykoPaint and Aviary . I mentioned it specifically in terms of fuzzing out student faces (rather, those students who's parents haven't signed media releases) on pictures that are going to be posted on the website or wherever. Within 10 minutes of sending it out, I got an e-mail back from one thrilled staff member who had been looking for an online photo editing site, and another e-mail from a staff member who didn't know that media releases were required for posting student pictures. So I'm glad that I shared them.

I did have to have a conversation with our building tech about how frustrating it is when people come to me to ask for help and get mad if I can't help them (or if I don't have time, because I teach classes all day). I truly do want to help people, but often I don't have the clearance or experience to do so.

Boundaries are so important.

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