Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Website Wednesday

100 Best Blogs for Librarians of the Future

(in other words, 100 Librarians who are blogging more effectively than I am. Sheesh, the competition!)

I actually found this linked onto the website of Ms. S, my High School Internship host. She does a great job keeping her website current, I am thinking I'll have to borrow some ideas! I try to keep mine updated, but I always have the sneaking suspicion that nobody ever pays attention to it.
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I made my first graders type letters home today. About half of them had overdue library books, and although they're not allowed to take the books home, it is good practice for them (and their teacher and I think that a few may have slipped home accidentally). I modeled a "Dear Mom" letter, with a body of only a few sentences, and then I stapled their missing book slip to the letter and sent it home with them in an envelope. Most of them were very into the process; I think I'll have to have letter writing a bigger part of my future.

Currently Reading: Cirque du Freak: A Living Nightmare by Darren Shan. Super popular middle school book, and super not my style. For one thing, there are spiders on each chapter page which I don't appreciate. I think if I had seen the website before I started reading the book, I wouldn't have started. But it is a current hit, so I'm considering it just a part of the job. It's in the current "I Love Vampires" genre, but give me the eye-rollingly dramatic Twilight anytime. There are something like 12 books in the series, which I don't think I'll be adding to the library (although mostly because this one copy of Cirque du Freak is in pristine condition, a sure sign its not popular among my kids).

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